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We are delighted to bring to you a comprehensive mix of news , and reviews on holistic health matters and some uplifting stories and articles from the world of holistic therapies.We also include history and healing from our ancient and sacred world of Celtic culture.

Our aim is to be informative, educational and factual with a light mixture of interesting Irish folklore and tales of substance from years gone by, that are connected to our wonderful country of Ireland.

A big thank you to everyone that supported us in issue 9 and let’s hope you equally enjoy this 10th issue as much.

Atlantis Éire is available nationwide, with one issue published every two months to the nation of Ireland in both the north and south(And beyond). We strive to offer new and fresh material for each issue and welcome anyone that would like to add their unique energy to this magazine.

  • In our tenth edition. We deal with  the following :
  • • Kundalini Reiki
    • Kundalini Reiki
    • Angel therapy
    • The Unicorn
    • Celtic people
    • Halloween tales
    • Ireland’s Chakras
    • Yoga
    • Hypnosis
  • and much much more


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