Salt Of The Earth By Aldo Jordan

In the Middle Ages, salt was so expensive it was sometimes referred to as “white gold” In some countries like Ethiopia ,salt was used as a form of currency in as recently as the 20th Century. In the early 1800s salt was 4 times as expensive as beef on the frontier – it was essential in keeping people and livestock alive. We can’t live without salt as human beings, too much consumption of salt is bad for our health and too little of it is also bad for our health, and so where is the happy medium?

We need salt in moderation to help with nerve impulses, for the balance of fluids in our bodies and for healthy muscles (etc.) Salt is a natural healer and has been used for methods of healing for
thousands of years. It is reported in some cases that how the healing qualities of Himalayan salt actually came about and were discovered was when monks spent lengthy periods of time in solitude amongst salt caves in deep meditation and isolation for spiritual reasons. They emerged feeling revived, an apparent clearness in breathing and had clearer skin conditions than before the entered the caves Himalayan salt has gained in popularity in recent times not just for consumption but also for aiding in certain conditions like asthma , The Himalayan mountain range stretches across Asia passing through China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and India.

The truth of the matter on the Himalayan salt subject is that it is certainly connected with the Himalayas but it is mined from the foothills and not the actual mountain. Pakistan is the largest
supplier of Himalayan salt to these parts and the actual salt is reported to have all 84 trace elements that it should have without anything being taken from it or indeed added to it. Himalayan salt is said to be 250 million year old salt that was deposited when oceans dried up and left huge reserves of salt behind in the form of hills and caves , so in essence it is sea salt but has not been in touch
with modern day pollution that is typical in oceans due to shipping and industry. This is one of the reasons why experts will say that Himalayan salt is healthier than other sea salts.
Himalayan salt whether pink or white can be used in many different ways such as cooking with , bathing in , and making up solutions for cuts and bruises and also used with essential oils for skin
exfoliation. It comes in many forms like, Himalayan salt bars for using in the shower or in the wash hand basin. It comes in the form of tea light holders and salt lamps The salt lamp popularity has sky rocketed in the last few years where now they are readily available from your high street shops such as holistic stores and health stores at a relatively good price in comparison to the price the commanded a good many years ago.
It is believed that Himalayan salt lamps are ionisers. To explain an ioniser, an ioniser is something that purifies the air from positive ions which are the bad ions, where the negative ions are the good
ions. When the bulb in the salt lamp heats the salt the salt will then release the negative ion into the air and cleanse and purify the air of pollution from the likes of electrical equipment i.e. computers,
tvs, (etc) Cigarette smoke and car emissions, therefore make the air cleaner that we breathe. This is why Himalayan salt lamps and tea light holders are very beneficial to people with health problems like Asthma.
In my own experience I have seen the Himalayan salt lamp being used and being very beneficial for other circumstances like being used as a bedside lamp for children with sleep issues and also I have
experienced first-hand the benefits for children suffering from autism and adhd where the warm glow of the Himalayan salt actually put the child at more ease and a good chance of a better
nights sleep. The key to the Himalayan salt lamp is to have it as near to where you would spend a lot of your evening relaxation hours like ,the sitting room or the bedroom where if you are lucky enough to have a regular 8 hour sleep per night you will reap the health benefits even when you sleep. Some people even say that the glow of the salt lamp or the salt tea light holder gives them a sense of comfort and almost companionship when they are alone at home. When buying a salt lamp ask for a Himalayan salt lamp as there are imposters that mimic but do not have the same healing qualities.

Salt spas have also become very popular in recent times where you would spend a certain length of time in a made salt cave environment but made from authentic Himalayan salt people that typically use these are people suffering from certain respiratory problems and in some cases skin conditions.
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